PermaCold Leads Industry on Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration Engineering

PermaCold Engineering Refocuses Business Approach with Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Systems

Company zeroes in on planet-friendly refrigeration – engineering cutting-edge industrial refrigeration solutions that maximize sustainability

(Portland, OR) – PermaCold Engineering, Inc., an award winning, leading industrial refrigeration design-build firm, has announced a formal company commitment to environmentally progressive engineered solutions. PermaCold has officially adopted the company slogan “Our Planet, Our Responsibility” and is pursuing new technical approaches, components, and strategic vendor partnerships to develop its green refrigeration solutions. Placing the environmental impact of industrial refrigeration systems as a central concern in the engineering design is not common practice, and PermaCold intends to lead its industry in this area. Company goals include serving as a thought leader and advocate for progressive designs and environmental responsibility in the refrigeration field.

“PermaCold has been moving in this direction for some time, and we decided to make it an official company focus,” said PermaCold President and co-founder Steve Jackson. “We have the expertise to be able to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of the refrigeration systems we build, and we’re passionate about doing just that. It’s more than just saving energy and money for our customers, it’s about saving the planet for our grandchildren.” Jackson noted that the attention over the global climate summit in Paris made it the perfect time to publicly announce PermaCold’s new commitment.

In addition to optimizing engineering refrigeration systems for maximum efficiency, the company is pursuing a range of initiatives involving more environmentally sound refrigeration systems, including:

  • Developing systems requiring lower amounts of traditional refrigerants to operate and pursuing the use of non-toxic refrigerant solutions such as CO2.
  • Optimizing industrial refrigeration capacity to reduce the size, energy needs, and materials required (including water, insulation and sewage waste).
  • Engineering refrigeration in conjunction with modern LED lighting systems, vastly reducing “load shedding” of heat that directly impacts refrigeration system efficiency.

PermaCold is confident that the focus on sustainability will not only make a positive impact on the planet, it will produce long-term sales benefits and growth for the company. “There is an irreversible movement in business toward sustainability, and we intend to be on the forefront of that,” stated Jackson. “We hope to not only take advantage of that business opportunity but to do good for the planet by encouraging and accelerating the trend in our particular field.”

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 PermaCold Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning industrial refrigeration engineering and installation firm, founded in 1993 in Portland, OR. PermaCold is recognized for its expertise in designing systems for optimum efficiency, dependability and value, and provides customers with preventative maintenance and repairs, retrofitting services, consulting on efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more. PermaCold focuses on engineering energy-efficient, environmentally safe systems and is the industry leader in green industrial refrigeration. It is committed to pursuing the latest technologies and embodying its slogan of “Our Planet – Our Responsibility.” For more information on PermaCold visit our website at

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