PermaCold Partners with LED Experts DarkSky Technologies

PermaCold Engineering and DarkSky Technologies Announce Partnership, Aim to Revolutionize an Industry

Industrial refrigeration engineering and LED lighting technology expertise combine to create energy-saving revolution in cold storage facilities

(Portland, OR – June, 2016) – PermaCold Engineering, Inc., an award winning, leading industrial refrigeration design-build firm, and DarkSky Technologies, an expert LED-solutions provider, have announced a formal partnership which could revolutionize an industry. The two Portland-based companies are combining expertise in their respective fields in developing and building new custom-designed (and retrofitted) cold storage and food processing facilities, providing unprecedented energy savings, operational efficiencies and long-term sustainability.

 The uniqueness of the partnership lies in engineering large refrigeration systems in conjunction with a facility-wide lighting blueprint utilizing highly energy-efficient and near-zero heat producing LED components and technologies. Typically, these two functional aspects of a cold storage or food facility (refrigeration and lighting) are designed and installed as wholly independent systems with no coordination between the engineering firms. PermaCold and DarkSky have developed an innovative, environmentally progressive engineering model that could change how the entire industrial refrigeration industry approaches system development. The new approach results in significant and long-term reductions in power consumption, negative environmental impacts, and toxic materials.

“While we have been working on this unique approach over the past year, PermaCold and DarkSky Technologies felt that now was the time to make an official announcement in light of the recent Paris Climate Summit and the critical need for all of us to take action reducing our carbon footprint,” said PermaCold President and co-founder Steve Jackson. “PermaCold is deeply committed to this ideal, and we want to lead our industry in this area as well as making a real environmental impact with every refrigerated facility we engineer going forward. Lighting, with its high energy consumption and heat output, is a vital factor.”

Placing the environmental impact and energy efficiency of industrial refrigeration systems as a central concern in the engineering design has not been common practice, and PermaCold intends to lead the industry in this area as well as serving as a thought leader and advocate for environmental responsibility in the refrigeration field.

“DarkSky was founded with the idea of maximizing the incredible recent advances in LED technologies and their significant environmental and energy-saving benefits over traditional industrial lighting,” said DarkSky co-founder Gary Daniels. “We have the expertise to be able to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of facilities of every kind, but LEDs make a particularly large difference in refrigerated facilities. It’s valuable for the business, and it contributes to saving the planet for our grandchildren.”

 For the industrial refrigeration customers who take advantage of the new “bundled” refrigeration and lighting approach, the capital investment in the LED lighting system comes with significant savings which can reduce the cost by up to two-thirds or more. The Energy Trust of Oregon and similar organizations and government programs across the country provide numerous rebates and incentives aimed at defraying investment in high-efficiency lighting and other facility upgrades.

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PermaCold Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning industrial refrigeration engineering and installation firm, founded in 1993 in Portland, OR. PermaCold is recognized for its expertise in designing systems for optimum efficiency, dependability and value, and provides customers with preventative maintenance and repairs, retrofitting services, consulting on efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more. PermaCold focuses on engineering energy-efficient, environmentally safe systems and is the industry leader in green industrial refrigeration. It is committed to pursuing the latest technologies and embodying its slogan of “Our Planet – Our Responsibility.” For more information on PermaCold visit our website at

DarkSky Technologies, LLC is a premier provider of innovative LED lighting solutions. An expert national consulting firm, DarkSky uses the latest advancements in LED technologies to engineer and install innovative lighting systems for a wide range of businesses and facility types, and is highly experienced in securing maximum energy trust and government rebates to offset system costs. The company is headquartered in Portland, OR with satellite offices in Los Angeles, Fresno, and Chicago. More at

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