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PermaCold Engineering Celebrates 25-Year Silver Anniversary and Tremendous Growth Since Founding

(Portland, OR – September 2018) – PermaCold Engineering, Inc., a national leader in sustainable and energy-saving industrial refrigeration design & build services, has announced its 25th year in business as the company celebrates its success, growth, and cutting-edge approach to environmentally sound, hyper-efficient and cost-saving industrial refrigeration systems. PermaCold’s Silver Anniversary year will also be celebrating a record-setting period of growth for the firm and a series of notable achievements, including multiple industry awards and significant operational upgrades and green-refrigeration initiatives.

Significant company initiatives in recent years have included the formalization of a company commitment to engineering solution employing natural refrigerants; a formal partnership agreement with DarkSky Tech, a leading LED lighting provider, furthering the firm’s commitment to highly efficient and energy-saving comprehensive refrigeration designs; implementation of an enhanced work safety and reporting system; PermaCold’s yearly industry professionals education series of Ammonia Safety Training classes, and a number of significant new hires to support company growth and operational excellence for both the company and its customers.

“We’ve had a tremendous company story unfold over the past 25 years, and all the credit goes to our tremendous staff of progressive engineers and talented, dedicated employees,” stated PermaCold President and co-founder Steve Jackson. “We’re excited and extremely motivated to continue our strong company growth in the year to come, and in furthering our mission of developing the most sustainable, energy-efficient and reliable industrial refrigeration systems in the country.”

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PermaCold Engineering, Inc. is an award-winning industrial refrigeration engineering and installation firm, founded in 1993 in Portland, OR. PermaCold is recognized for its expertise in designing systems for optimum efficiency, dependability and value, and provides customers with preventative maintenance and repairs, retrofitting services, consulting on efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more. PermaCold focuses on engineering energy-efficient, environmentally safe systems and is the industry leader in green industrial refrigeration. It is committed to pursuing the latest technologies and embodying its slogan of “Our Planet – Our Responsibility.” For more information on PermaCold visit our website at

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