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Ammonia Safety 
Training 2023

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Training Options, Dates, Pricing


In accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines, PermaCold's 2023 Ammonia Training & Certification courses are available in an online, livestream format led by a virtual (live) instructor, or a self-administered online learning course.


  • $205.00 for the 8-hour livestream video course

  • $750.00 for the 24-hour online test. 

Dates for Video Livestream Instructor-Led Class (8 hour course): 

You will be required to virtually attend the entire session in order to obtain your certification.  

Scheduled Dates:

  • March 16th     

  • April 28th       

Online Learning Course – Self-administered:  You can work at your own pace and complete in segments of your choosing. You will be sent an invitation which includes a link to access and begin. The course must be completed within 30 days of your first login / initiation of instruction to obtain your valid certification.

TO REGISTER:  Please send an email with your training option choice and day (if applicable), or any related questions to Lindsay Jackson at:  Lindsay.Jackson@PermaCold.com

Thank you for your participation!