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Clean Air Processing
& Facility Lighting Systems

PermaCold Engineering doesn't build off-the shelf, cookie-cutter systems. We account for a wide range of operational factors that impact the efficiency of the refrigeration plant, including factors that can spoil or contaminate food products, and which waste (or save) energy and resources like water and sewage.

Two subsidiary product lines offered and installed by PermaCold include pathogen-killing CPA Units, and modern LED lighting systems to vastly reduce heat output and save power costs.

Evapco CPA (Critical Process Air) unit

Critical Process Air (CPA) Units

CPA units clear the facility's air, dry it quickly after cleaning, and most importantly -- destroy pathogens with UV light.  Pathogens that can spoil or contaminate food products and sicken your plant workers. PermaCold offers our partners the most advanced and effective CPA units for purchase and installation as part of, or added to, your comprehensive industrial refrigeration system. 

These systems provide remarkable ROI, reduced liability, and safeguards your production and profitability. We encourage you to watch one or both of the video overviews below to learn about the benefits of a CPA system and how it can save you tremendous amounts of production time and money and reduce financial liability.

Quick Summary of Benefits (:45)

Full Benefits and ROI (4:00)

LED Lighting Systems

Safer, Longer-Lasting, Energy Efficient, Low-Heat

Modern LED lighting significantly reduces the amount of heat shed by old facility lights. PermaCold has partnered with top LED lighting and installation experts to install comprehensive systems that make food processing and cold storage facilities brighter, safer, and more profitable. 


Most companies who rely on industrial refrigeration aren’t aware that the lighting component is as integral as many other factors to when designing sustainable refrigeration systems.

A facility’s refrigeration system and its lighting are inseparable, simply because lighting is a major factor impacting the key engineering goal: subtracting heat from a system.

Lighting is a major source of power consumption – and that power is largely dumped into a refrigerated facility system as heat. Modern LED lighting is a solution to this issue.

Cold Storage facility with LED Lighting system

Key Concept – Load Shedding

Traditional halogens or fluorescents shed 90% of their energy load directly into the facility environment as heat, not light. This factor is multiplied many times over when the lights need to be on 24/7, which is the norm due to older bulbs’ slow fire-up times, made even worse by cold conditions.

LED technology converts 90% of energy directly to light. They are also far more durable, shock and water-resistant, and fire up to full illumination immediately regardless of the temperature. This means lights can be turned off when the facility isn’t occupied to further reduce load shedding and providing tremendous long-term energy savings.

Obviously, less heat means reduced horsepower requirements, and accounting for it affects the entire design. Taking load shedding out of the equation can save on the refrigeration system itself; it can be smaller and will use less power in its own right.

Modern LED lighting simply works better and more efficiently, making a facility brighter and safer for staff, plus the benefits of near zero maintenance.  Finally, the power savings compared to non-LED lights are significant and will pay back the bottom line year after year.


Full Benefits of Modern LED Lighting

  • Longer life, Lower Maintenance

  • Built to last 50 to 100 times as long as incandescents, operating efficiently up to 100,000 hours

  • Substantially cuts operating costs from the replacement of bulbs, ballasts, or other fixture components as well as the time and cost of installation labor.

  • Significant maintenance savings where lights are difficult to replace or maintain.

  • Use up to 90 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs or High Intensity Discharge fixtures.

  • Deliver substantial energy cost savings for any business with lights on for extended periods.

  • Modern, extremely efficient controls, photo sensors, timing and motion activation technologies can add substantial savings.

  • Reduced heat loss – LED energy is converted to light, whereas traditional bulbs shed up to 90% of their electricity as heat.

  • Energy Trusts and Utilities across the country provide significant incentives and rebates for new construction and retrofit of LED material and installation.

  • Rebates, energy trust incentives and our more efficiently designed system can mean the lighting system comes essentially free (ROI results in 12-18 months, not 4-5 years)

  • No mercury used and fully recyclable – no harmful industrial waste and no UV emissions.

  • LED controls eliminate over-lighting and fixtures have advanced remote controllable motion / occupancy sensors.

  • Immediate Switch-On – no delay, instantly on at full brightness as soon as you hit the switch.

  • Excellent Cold Weather Operation – operate effectively at temps as low as -25 C.

  • Lighting Quality and Excellent Color Rendering – from warm and cool to bright and brilliant, with an exceptionally high CRI (Color Rendering Index).

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