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Industrial Refrigeration

Engineering, Design & Build


PermaCold is dedicated to engineering and constructing the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable commercial refrigeration systems in the industry. 


Our expertise ensures you always have a reliable, safe, and effective system that saves you money.

CO2 industrial refrigeration system

An Engineered Product

PermaCold Engineering designs and installs precisely engineered, highly efficient refrigeration systems for the food and process industries (and many more). For every project our creative, innovative engineering team works closely with our integrated construction and development team.  


At PermaCold, we believe "refrigeration is an engineered product," and every commercial cooling system is uniquely designed to meet local conditions, your process specifications, and facility requirements.

Refrigeration Engineering Services

Our engineering experts are available to review your existing facility to identify upgrades to its process performance, energy efficiency, water conservation, heat recovery, and operational issues. We can develop viable options for expanding capacity or achieving new temperature and humidity process specifications. 


Refrigeration Controls

We can engineer a custom controls solution that will meet the toughest requirements for reliability and performance.  Our controls solutions are exclusively built for industrial refrigeration facilities using expert software technologies. 

Leading Experts in CO2 and Ammonia Systems

We are a leading industrial refrigeration expert in designing and constructing natural refrigerant systems such as CO2 and Ammonia. Our green industrial refrigeration approach is changing the way the industry thinks, while providing systems that save energy, phase out toxic chemical refrigerants, and help protect the planet.


Whether your system is pre-assembled or built on-site, PermaCold has the experienced, professional installation teams to execute the project quickly without sacrificing quality.  Our key goal: a trouble-free installation that enhances your return-on-investment

Refrigeration engineer inspects CO2 system installation




PermaCold is staffed by an experienced group of professionals at every level, most with a long history in the business. Our expert team of engineers, construction professionals, and service techs have a reputation for safety, problem-solving, service, and exceptional performance. Many of our people are well-known in the industry and regionally, and we recruit only the top talent for our team.

When developing and maintaining refrigeration systems, you face constant challenges.

PermaCold is the solution. We guarantee:

  • Designing the refrigeration plant correctly

  • Selecting the right equipment for your plant

  • Keeping your down-time to an absolute minimum

  • Availability of parts to maintain your equipment


Our custom-design engineering approach precisely assesses your commercial refrigeration facility specifications. Then, our experienced team goes to work to design and execute the best refrigeration solution with maximum efficiency and lowest use of materials and resources like water and sewage.

We are committed to generating the best possible return on your investment. Each step is professionally and meticulously approached, from drawings to field management, so you get a system that is engineered right, installed right, and works right.

The cost of a poorly engineered system is severe.


The PermaCold team is proud of our solutions-driven approach and hard-earned expertise. Our sterling reputation in the refrigeration engineering field is built on deep industry experience and strong relationships in every market we serve.

Properly developing and maintaining refrigeration systems can be a challenge, but PermaCold has the solution. Our decades of experience enable us to:

  • Design the refrigeration plant for optimal performance         

  • Save energy resources and minimize maintenance costs

  • Select exactly the right equipment for your system

  • Keep your down-time to an absolute minimum

  • Ensure availability of parts to maintain your equipment


PermaCold can engineer and construct a complete refrigeration system to fit your plant's needs, and we also install pre-packaged systems. As an industry leader in refrigeration system selection and installation, this translates to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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