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Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives & Rebate Programs

PermaCold is proud to be an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally. This program allows us to work on behalf of new customers and current partners to set up and provide significant cash incentives and expense rebates that will improve your commercial refrigeration system performance and equipment longevity, often at zero cost to your bottom line.

Better yet, PermaCold will take the lead in arranging for the Energy Trust incentive proposals and contracts, such as the "90x90 Program" which can defray up to 90% (!) of costs associated with system cleaning, upgrades and optimization. It’s a fantastic program and “money on the table” that every business relying on an industrial refrigeration system should take advantage of.

The program also provides major (and recurring) ROI for your bottom line. Savings include the rebates on costs for initial cleaning, optimizing and improvements to your cooling systems’ performance, but also ongoing savings from major reductions in power use year after year.

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent third-party organization dedicated to energy efficiency in Oregon and the NW region. Their team works hand in hand with PermaCold to find the right balance between energy and operational efficiency, improve performance and minimize the energy use of your systems while maintaining excellent operations. 


The Energy Trust objective is to improve refrigeration system energy efficiency (through optimized operational performance and ongoing maintenance) and greatly reduce year-to-year energy costs. 

Detailed information on the benefits of PermaCold’s Trade Ally partnership with Energy Trust follows below, or contact us today to set up a meeting to talk about the benefits and ROI for your company with one of our sales representatives.

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