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Comprehensive Support & Refrigeration Services

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PermaCold technician inspecting system piping

Reduce downtime, save money, and ensure maximum performance from your equipment with our expert commercial refrigeration support services, performance analyses, and more. Our technician teams are responsive and strategically located throughout the Northwest to quickly respond to your needs, any time of day.


The mission-critical support services we offer our customers extend far beyond the basics of service and maintenance. Take advantage of our decades of industry expertise across an array of vital operational concerns, including key areas listed below.

Condensor unit installed by PermaCold

Get in touch with us for full information about a specific service:

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Preventive maintenance can greatly extend the life of your system. PermaCold's experienced service technicians know how to reduce your down-time and deliver the best performance from your equipment. The result: lower total cost of ownership.

  • Screw or reciprocating compressors

  • Hermetic to semi-hermetic open compressors

  • Refrigerants: Ammonia to Freon to CO2

  • Hot gas to electric to water to air defrost

  • Liquid recirculation to flooded to direct expansion

  • Evaporative to water to air condensing

  • Direct drive to belt drive

  • Electromechanical to electronic control refrigeration systems

  • Marine or land-based systems

  • Fan-coil to shell tube to Baudelot to spray type evaporators

Emergency Services

Unexpected mechanical issues or failures can happen at any time. PermaCold offers year-round, 24/7 emergency service at all of our locations, including dispatching qualified technicians and needed parts directly to your facility site.

Mechanical Integrity and Reporting

An effective Mechanical Integrity (MI) program will help determine the potential risks and hazards within your facility, and also assist in prioritizing repairs and maintenance. With an MI program in place, costs can be dramatically reduced by strategically planning when resources and down-time should be scheduled.

Multiple Federal and State regulations require MI programs to ensure the safe operation of process equipment, and PermaCold is active in the training and documentation process for many of our clients.  PermaCold offers MI inspections and reporting, plus the ability to perform any needed repairs and maintenance.

Process Safety Management

A Process Safety Management (PSM) program is an integral element for successful refrigeration facilities, and PermaCold actively assists multiple clients with their PSM needs.  As with the MI (Mechanical Integrity) program, the goal is to keep the facility safe and operating efficiently. It also provides a plan for the facility in the event of a hazardous materials release. The program requires comprehensive training in addition to maintaining controls required to avoid hazmat incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Our Compliance Department provides you an experienced partner in meeting refrigeration system regulatory requirements. PermaCold will inspect your current system to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards and code compliance. With over 100 years of combined internal experience, our experts will work with you side-by-side to evaluate and address compliance issues.

Vibration Analysis

Our experienced service technicians inspect your system's components and perform a detailed compressor vibration analysis, identifying equipment problems before critical components fail.  Vibration analysis is one of the most effective tools for identifying mechanical and electrical faults within machinery, and our years of expertise will not only save you by avoiding costly repairs, but pays off in long-term ROI through increased reliability and reduced maintenance.


Our reconditioning services include developing an efficient and high-quality plan for your specific facility needs, operating conditions, and more to ensure not just a top-quality reconditioning service but one which optimizes efficiency and reliability.

Ammonia Dehydration Service

PermaCold offers an efficient and effective portable solution to remove water from your ammonia cooling system without the added expense and operational headache of a facility shutdown. Our dehydration service eliminates the need for ammonia coolant replacement and disposal costs, decreases plant down time, and will optimize your system performance while greatly increasing efficiency.

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