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What PermaCold Is

All About

Our Commitment


Over 25 years ago, PermaCold Engineering was founded by two talented industry veterans with the goal of setting a new standard in the industrial refrigeration industry. Steve Jackson and Randy Cieloha believed that precision engineering of refrigeration systems would result in better performance, reduced maintenance, and higher efficiency.

The approach worked, and the company grew, won awards, and attracted some of the best talent in the industry. Today, PermaCold is an innovative firm known for its "green refrigeration" concept, environmental commitment, sustainable designs, exacting standards, strong customer relationships, and high-efficiency engineering solutions.

Ethics, Integrity & Quality


Our values drive our success. PermaCold's sterling reputation for customer service, safety, and collaboration is well known. But underlying that is a broader set of core values that we have ingrained into our company DNA – all of which contribute to the success of our projects. 


Honesty, and being candid with our clients even when it’s uncomfortable, means issues are resolved quickly or before they ever happen. Integrity is key. We won’t sacrifice the quality of our work or skimp on the performance of materials we select just to make more money. It’s about safety, durability and efficiency first and foremost, which always pays off in the long run.

People Come First

We consider ourselves a family and trust our team accordingly. We also foster our team spirit by volunteering and giving back to the local communities we live in.  We work to build great careers, and create an open and supportive work environment that also puts safety first at all times.  It helps us attract and retain the best of the best. We also have a lot of fun together, and consider everyone who works or partners with us as part of our PermaCold Family.


We nurture the talents of each individual, and we share in the rewards of each other’s hard work. We’re dedicated to our employees, and in return, that loyalty and commitment is extended to our clients. We’re independent and privately held, and we’re proud of that. 

Fast Response, Precise Solutions

We don’t address concerns, react to problems, or get back to your questions “in a few days” (or weeks) like many firms. We act quickly and directly to address project issues or answer client concerns, and we do so with precise solutions. We research and advocate for the very best solution, even if it’s not what the customer expects or thought they needed. Most often, that in turn means less expensive fixes, with improved performance.

PermaCold Engineering Company Headquarters, Portland OR
PermaCold service technician at a jobsite
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