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Team-Focused and
Making a Difference

Company Culture


PermaCold was founded by a group of ambitious and pioneering industrial refrigeration engineers, and that spirit forged in the first year of the company remains just as strong today. We value and foster team support and encouragement, collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving, and high professional standards.

And while we've grown to a team of almost 150 people, PermaCold retains a small-company culture with a commitment to our core company values and shared mission. We developed company mentorship and intern programs to help advance career growth. We encourage continuing education and acquiring new certifications, and provide strong support for in-house promotions and expanding roles and responsibilities. And, we encourage a passion for quality and innovative engineering, along with a commitment to advancing green refrigeration technology and natural refrigerants.

Changing Our Industry 

for the Better


PermaCold is forging a unique position in our industry, and welcomes new team members who want to make a difference in the world while building their careers.  We're a leader in the engineering of green refrigeration systems that are more efficient, use less resources, and employ natural (and safer) refrigerants. All of which are helping protect our environment, mitigate climate change, and influence other companies to do more of the same.

Company Events & Celebrations

With such a strong team-focused approach, it's only natural that PermaCold also celebrates with our company family throughout the year, holding a range of annual parties, awards, and numerous other outings and events.

PermaCold is a vibrant team of people doing great work, all while having fun and making the planet a better place. Interested in joining us? Contact our HR department today.

Employees having fun at the annual winter holiday party
company team event, PermaCold annual golf tournament
PermaCold Flag Day BBQ 2023.png
Holiday Party 2023.jpeg
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