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High Efficiency, Lower Resources, Natural Refrigerants

PermaCold has adopted a formal company commitment to environmentally progressive commercial refrigeration systems, and we've adopted the slogan "Our Planet, Our Responsibility" to convey that focus. We are pursuing new technical approaches, components, and strategic vendor partnerships to develop ‘green’ refrigeration solutions such as natural refrigerants and low-impact resource use.


Placing the environmental impact of industrial refrigeration systems as a central concern in the engineering design is not common practice, and PermaCold intends to lead the industry as an innovator and advocate for innovative CO2 system designs and environmental responsibility in the refrigeration field.

This approach actually pays off to our customer's bottom line with tremendous long-term savings on power costs, materials, sewer, water, and maintenance. Processing Magazine recently showcased our authored article on the subject in a recent issue (click link to view).


In addition to optimizing our food industry refrigeration systems for maximum efficiency, the company is pursuing a range of initiatives involving more environmentally sound options and cutting edge technologies, including:


  • Developing systems requiring lower amounts of traditional refrigerants to operate and breaking new ground for non-toxic refrigerant solutions such as CO2.

  • Optimizing industrial refrigeration capacity to reduce the size, energy needs, and materials required (including water, insulation and sewage waste).

  • Engineering refrigeration in conjunction with modern LED lighting systems, vastly reducing "load shedding" of heat that directly impacts refrigeration system efficiency.

Environmentally friendly CO2 graphic

CO2 – A Natural Refrigerant Solution (that saves $)


CO2 refrigeration is a safe alternative refrigerant that does not contribute to ozone depletion, yet still offers excellent thermodynamic properties for effective refrigeration and heat reclamation.  As one of the leading refrigeration design/ build service providers, PermaCold Engineering believes that planning a new facility or retrofit should always include evaluating a potential CO2 refrigeration solution.


Convincing Facts About Commercial CO2 Refrigeration:

CO2 has a '0' Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) unlike synthetic refrigerants, which can be up to several thousand times more harmful. Using CO2 may also protect you from refrigerant regulatory issues when additional government or insurance restrictions (with cost increases) are placed on HFCs.

Also, it's not well known that Carbon dioxide is an inexpensive refrigerant. For example, a frequently used synthetic refrigerant, R404a, costs approximately 400% more. And modern CO2 systems cost less every year, while providing a range of benefits that further reduces cost and increases reliability for recurring ROI


Carbon dioxide refrigeration provides owners with a solution that is flexible, reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible.

CO2 provides thermo-physical properties that help make it an excellent refrigerant:

  • Outstanding heat transfer coefficient

  • High energy content

  • Relatively insensitive to pressure losses

  • Very low viscosity liquid phase


CO2 systems also deliver high-performance output due to the system's:

  • Superior heat exchange

  • Smaller piping sizes

  • Low pumping power as secondary fluid.

  • Superior heat recovery

Learn even more about CO2's enormous benefits in this article link.

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