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PermaCold Engineering Earns Valuable Safety Certification

The MCAWW (Mechanical Contractors Association of Western Washington), has again certified PermaCold Engineering for the “Safety W.I.S.E.” Program (2023-24). MCAWW only certifies those firms that demonstrated the highest level of commitment to safety and health in our industry.

The PermaCold Safety Committee efforts and our exceptional safety record were all key to getting this certification. Getting this accomplished involves an internal process and document review as well as office and workplace inspections and an audit of PermaCold’s past safety records.

The MCAWW implemented this program in partnership with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Under the program, “CERTIFIED” firms can reduce the time and disruption in responding to a comprehensive safety inspection from the department. Being “safety certified” has established that PermaCold’s safety program meets or exceeds the requirements of statutes, regulations and policies governing safety and health in construction.

This program has been approved by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and applies to all work performed in Washington. Having met the MCAWW established formal criteria and guidelines used to evaluate programs, PermaCold has been accepted into the Department-approved recognition program.

Congratulations and a big thank you to Ron and Jason for getting this done and the whole team at PermaCold who make Safety Job One.


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