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MSCA Conference Provides Terrific Client Service Strategies

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

PermaCold’s Director of Service & Maintenance, Brian Cronk, recently attended the 2022 Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) Conference, held Oct. 16-19th in Huntington Beach, CA. The conference provided PermaCold with terrific strategies and ideas to implement and help us improve service for our industrial refrigeration customers.

PermaCold strives to continually increase our capabilities, performance and expertise for clients – investing in industry resources like the annual MSCA Conference are one of the many ways we accomplish that. Our goal of being the leader in natural refrigerants and green refrigeration technology includes all areas of system service, and we've been a long-time attendee of the MSCA event to expand our company knowledge base.

Brian attended presentations that covered an array of refrigeration service contractor topics, most focused on improving customer service and company & team performance. These included new technologies, worker safety, team training and leadership, service operations excellence and more.

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